This program is designed to prepare students for beginning professional work in the criminal justice and allied professions. Graduates understand the causes of crime and criminal justice system responses. Students focus on the nature of the criminal justice system and the connection between law and social justice.

Criminologists and criminal justice professionals investigate why crimes are committed, who is committing them, what type of societal factors might be contributing to higher crime rates, and the best ways to predict, deter, and prevent future crimes. An undergraduate with a criminology/criminal justice degree serves as a strong foundation for advanced training and prepares students for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in social science, social work, counseling, and law.

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Estimated Program Costs

In-state tuition and fees: $12,288.00 *
Out-of-state tuition and fees: $12,352.00 *
Educational fees: $97.00/semester
Estimated books: $200.00/semester
Estimated transportation and personal expense: $2,273.00/semester
Estimated housing and meals: $3,825.00/semester

* This is an approximate cost based on tuition and fees set by the Board of Directors before each school year. Course level fees may also apply. Additional charges for licensure or credential testing may be a part of your program.

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Required Classes for Criminal Justice | AA

SDV-108 The College Experience 1
CRJ-100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ-201 Juvenile Delinquency 3
PSY-111 Introduction to Psychology 3
ENG-105 Composition I 3
SOC-115 Social Problems 3
SOC-110 Introduction to Sociology 3
ENG-106 Composition II 3
MAT-157 Statistics 4
PHI-105 Introduction to Ethics 3
SPC-122 Interpersonal Communication 3
POL-111 American National Government 3
CRJ-200 Criminology 3
SPC-112 Public Speaking 3
SOC-212 Diversity 3
BIO-105 Introductory Biology 4
PSY-241 Abnormal Psychology 3
MUS-100 Music Appreciation 3
SOC-250 Sociology of Deviance 3
ELE-XXX Electives 7


Entrance Requirements

Submit your official high school/college transcripts to

Meet Your Faculty and Staff

Dr. Jill Moravek MS, LMSW, PhD
Sociology Instructor
Sioux City Campus, Room L314
Sima Dabir M.S.
Associate Dean of Arts & Science
Sioux City Campus, Room L317