Your transcript is a record of classes taken while at Western Iowa Tech. Choose the appropriate option below for the transcript you need to start the process.

Transcripts will be released when all financial and other obligations with the college have been met. Any amount of money owed to WITCC will need to be paid in full before official transcripts can be issued.

Ordering Your Western Iowa Tech Transcript

  1. There is a $5 charge per transcript, so have a payment method ready. You can order as many as you need.
  2. Click the Order Now button below and move to the next step.
  3. Enter the school name, in this case it is - Western Iowa Tech Community College. The Continue button will turn green to click.
  4. Next, click Order Transcripts.
  5. Enter Personal information and answer the questions. Next, either enter your Student ID OR Social Security Number. Answer the two questions yes or no, and the dates attended. The Continue button will turn green to proceed.
  6. Enter Personal Information ALL fields need to be completed and answer the questions. The Continue button will turn green to proceed.
  7. Transcript and Delivery Details, then select either College or University, Education Organization, Application Service, Scholarship, Employer or Other, and Myself are the options. Answer the questions and the Continue button will turn green to proceed.
  8. You can track your order on the Transcripts Order Status page.
  9. Answer questions on Processing Details and Delivery Information. The Continue button will turn green to proceed.
    You can request one of three processing options:
    Send Now: sends immediate, regardless of grades or pending graduation.
    After Grades: waits until the semester's grades have been posted before sending.
    After Degree: waits until your current degree has been awarded before sending.
  10. Checkout if all information is correct. The Checkout button will turn green to proceed.
  11. If you need assistance, contact the National Student Clearinghouse at 703.742.7791 or

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Other Transcript Options

Students wanting to transfer credits to Western Iowa Tech from another college or university will need to contact that college and request the transcript be sent to WITCC via electronic service, mail, or email using the addresses below.

Western Iowa Tech Community College
Attn: Transcripts
4647 Stone Avenue
Sioux CIty, Iowa 51106


Students may send their official high school transcripts to Western Iowa Tech via mail or email. These must come directly from your high school.

Western Iowa Tech Community College
Attn: Transcripts
4647 Stone Avenue
Sioux CIty, Iowa 51106


  • If you wish to transfer credit from a non-regionally accredited institution outside of the United States, please note the following: You should have your transcripts evaluated by World Education Services or Educational Credential Evaluators.
  • Credit from a non-regionally accredited institution outside of the United States may only transfer as equivalent to a specific Western Iowa Tech Community College course. Western Iowa Tech does not accept coursework as transfer elective credit.
  • Courses transferred are not included in your Western Iowa Tech G.P.A.
  • You may have your courses evaluated to determine equivalency to Western Iowa Tech courses by attaching appropriate course materials, course syllabi, or course descriptions, in English.
    Your academic advisor can help you determine which courses you may wish to submit for review to fit into your intended program at Western Iowa Tech.
  • If you can provide course information you may send those to the Office of the Student Records at
  • It is often difficult to obtain course materials for coursework taken at a foreign institution. If you are unable to obtain the information required for review, you will need to contact the Western Iowa Tech Student Records directly for each course you wish to have reviewed. Student Records will let you know what information they will require instead of a syllabus or course description to determine course equivalency.
  • For additional information on transferring credit from non-U.S. colleges, contact the Student Records Office at 712.274.6404 or

Continuing Education and Non-Credit CEU transcripts may be requested by contacting WITCC Corporate College Office.

Corporate College

Verification of completion or for a duplicate diploma/transcript of the GED or HiSET.

Official and duplicate copies of the GED or HiSET diploma/transcript MUST be obtained from:
Diploma Sender at

Follow these easy steps:

  • Visit Diploma Sender online at:
  • Create an account with a user name and password.
  • Complete the online order form using a credit, debit, cashier's check or money order for the $15 payment.
  • Check the appropriate delivery method for receipt of your document: email, FedEx, or regular mail.

If you received an Adult High School Diploma from WITCC between 1960 and 2005 (different than the GED/High School Equivalency Diploma), please fill out the request form below or contact us at 712.274.6420.