You can earn your high school diploma for free with the HSED program (High School Equivalency Diploma) at several locations at Western Iowa Tech Community College. 


  1. Watch the orientation video.
  2. Complete online paperwork. Students under the age of 19 have additional paperwork.
    Begin Enrollment
  3. Take your placement tests. You have the option of selecting in-person testing or online testing.
    If you select in-person testing, you will attend one of the enrollment dates listed below.
    If you select online testing, you will complete the placement tests via Zoom.
  4. Meet with an instructor to register for classes.


There is no cost to take the HSED class. Students may need to pay for the HiSET exam at the end of the class. The cost of the HiSET exam is $53.75. Financial assistance is available for students who are unable to pay for the testing fee. Speak with your teacher about obtaining a voucher.

Class Options

Students have several options to complete their HSED. Each option is discussed during orientation.

Option 1: Take the HiSET® Exam

This option can be face-to-face or online. The HiSET® exam is held at the end of the HSED course and consists of five subject areas: reading, writing, social studies, science and math. Students must pass all five subtests prior to receiving their High School Equivalency Diploma. Before taking the official HiSET® exam, students will take practice tests in each subject area to make sure they are prepared for the official exam. Testing is available in English and Spanish.

Option 2: Transfer High School Credits

This online only option is for students who have already taken high school courses. You can transfer your existing credits from your high school to WITCC. Your HSED coursework may be changed based on the number of remaining credits needed to complete your degree. To transfer your credits, send an official high school transcript to your HSED teacher to evaluate before orientation.

Option 3: Transfer Your Degree

This online-only option is for students who have already earned a postsecondary degree or foreign postsecondary degree (such as bachelor, associate degree etc.). You must bring in an official copy of your transcripts and diploma to orientation. For this option, you must be an Iowa resident for at least 90 days before enrolling.

2022-23 Class Dates

Sioux City Campus  
Session 3 Jan. 9 - Mar. 9, 2023
Session 4 Mar. 20 - May 22, 2023
Summer Session May 30 - Aug. 3, 2023
Cherokee Campus  
Spring Session 1 Jan. 10 - Mar. 3
Spring Session 2 Mar. 14 - May 5
Denison Campus  
Spring Session 1 Jan. 9 - Mar. 8
Spring Session 2 Mar. 20 - May 11