Western Iowa Tech Community College
Fluid Power Training

Fluid Power Training

Foundational Series Fluid Power Training

Basic Hydraulics I   8 hours
Fundamentals of hydraulic power. Hydraulic system safety! Theoretical and hands on training with hydraulic systems. Hydraulic pressure, force and flow. Hydraulic system components, power units, basic schematics, actuators, pumps and metering.

Basic Hydraulics II      8 hours
Hydraulic relief valves, check valves and flow control valves. Sequencing and pressure reducing valve operation and use. Hands on hydraulic system and circuit activities.

Basic Pneumatics   12 hours
Fundamentals of pneumatic power. Compressed air safety! Theoretical and hands on training with pneumatic systems. Pneumatic pressure, force and flow. Pressure regulators, air filters and lubricators. Basic schematics, common pneumatic fittings, actuators and speed control.

Customized Hydraulic and Pneumatic Training

We build customized fluid power and relatable trainings tailored to the needs of your maintenance team and work schedules. Training can be provided at one of our many campuses or onsite at your location. We provide a focused hands on experience with industrial quality fluid power training equipment and hardware and plant specific systems and devices when possible. Customize your maintenance training to make a smooth transition from training to work. 

Examples of customized fluid training include, but are not limited to:

  • Fluid Power Pump Fundamentals
  • Fluid Power Pump Rebuild
  • Fluid Power Pump Troubleshooting
  • Fluid Power Systems Troubleshooting