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Cyber Security and Digital Crime | AAS

This program is designed to fill a critical and growing need for cyber security personnel in the public and private sector. Upon completion, you will be capable of investigating computer crimes, properly seizing and recovering computer evidence, and aiding in the prosecution of cyber criminals.

Skills learned enable you to investigate computer crimes, develop security best practices, and secure network infrastructure.

To combat computer related crime, you will also understand counter measures against hacking, spam, and computer viruses through network intrusion detection and evidence gathering. The work of cyber crime investigators often aids in criminal investigations, supports lawsuits, and prevents future attacks.

Courses help individuals develop an understanding of identity theft, networking, incident response, exploitation, social engineering, black hat/gray hat hacking, and network security. Counter measures against hacking, spam, and computer viruses through cyber sleuthing and evidence gathering are used to combat cyber crimes.

Careers in Cyber Security & Digital Crime can be found in local, regional, and national sectors such as governmental agencies, law enforcement and security, homeland security, law firms, businesses: human resources and information technologies, insurance agencies and companies, banks and credit card companies, health services, and educational systems.

Professional opportunities are plentiful in this innovative and expanding career.

Associate of Applied Science


Sioux City Campus

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Admissions Advisor

Colleen Clifford
Career Navigator
Call  712.317.3126
Sioux City Campus, Admissions A303
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Career Information

Plan, implement, upgrade, or monitor security measures for the protection of computer networks and information. May ensure appropriate security controls are in place that will safeguard digital files and vital electronic infrastructure. May respond to computer security breaches and viruses. 


Required Classes

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Faculty and Staff

Phillip Dean
Cyber Security/Digital Crime Instructor
Call  712.274.6479
Sioux City Campus, TSI, Room T215
Ryan Sporrer
Information Systems Security Instructor
Call  713.317.3386
Sioux City Campus, Room T215
Meleshia Schnee
Cyber Security/Digital Crime Instructor
Call  712.274.6446
Sioux City Campus, TSI, Room T215

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