Sioux City’s own Mike Langley, international recording artist and lifelong veteran of stage and studio, spent 12 years living and touring in Europe. Now living in his hometown, Mike plays concerts year-round, runs his own independent record label, and teaches guitar.

This is your opportunity to experience Mike’s custom-made music tutoring in a classroom setting. Students will learn basic guitar maintenance, elementary chording, picking and strumming, using chord diagrams, and guitar tablature - all working toward the goal of playing their favorite songs. Reading music is not a prerequisite and will not be emphasized.

Please bring an acoustic guitar, extra strings, guitar picks, and a tuner - such as an A 440 tuning fork, a pitch pipe for guitar, or a small electronic guitar tuner.

Part of the first session will be dedicated to basic guitar care and maintenance. Mike will show you how to put strings on your guitar in case you want to change a set of strings or just replace broken ones.

These are very small classes, so you can count on getting plenty of help with your skills and technique.