Confined spaces can be some of the most dangerous places on earth. Atmospheric conditions, engulfment hazards, and flammable mixtures are a few examples that workers may encounter. Confined Space Rescue is a course that will help your rescue team control and overcome these hazards. This five-day course will re-introduce confined space/permit-required confined spaces and how your team can:

  • Detect, monitor, and sample hazardous atmospheres
  • Control hazards
  • Identify and properly use confined space rescue equipment
  • Safely utilize high point anchor systems
  • Package a patient safely and securely
  • Select and properly use PPE
  • Identify and use resources that are available to help assist/coordinate in incident management
  • Utilize communications and understand it value
  • Properly terminate an incident and debrief team based on actions and results

The skills learned in both the Rope Rescue and Confined Space Rescue courses will make your team much more equipped to deal with an emergency should it occur.