Managers in businesses who put out fires all day at work; Leaders who are burnt out and not making any progress on departmental goals/plans; Supervisors in organizations who have direct reports who don't take accountability for resolving problems so problems end up on their plate.

Does work feel like a never-ending stream of fires to put out? Are you exhausted at the end of each day from battling the crisis-du-jour? Are you busy reacting to problems instead of productively and proactively managing your professional agenda? Leaders are supposed to be problem-solvers, but there is a deeper issue if you spend your entire day putting out fires without advancing departmental projects and organizational goals. 

Course Learning Objectives

This hands-on virtual workshop meets four dates up to two hours each.  By attending you will:

  1. Identify whether you are a "reactive" or "proactive" leader.
  2. Review the pros and cons of being a reactive and proactive leader.
  3. Examine the 3 Faces of a Leader and how they respond differently to crises.
  4. Triage "fires" by urgency and importance, focusing on the right things at the right time.
  5. Discuss how to develop others to fight their own fires.
  6. Use a root cause technique to identify the causes of common fires and extinguish those flames.
  7. Create a personal action plan to adopt the daily habits of a proactive leader.
  8. Discuss strategies to change the reactive culture at your place of employment.

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