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The Comet Project

The Comet Project

Welcome to Comet Project! 

Education changes our world; this is the heartbeat of the Comet Project. Instead of general education courses filled with lectures, essays, and tests, you learn by doing, actively engaged in new ideas and issues in our community.

How Comet Project Works

  • You join a team of classmates to address a social issue you care about, like homelessness, human trafficking, mental health, or the environment, among others.
  • Your team goes out into the community to connect with businesses, non-profit organizations, and other experts as you research how the issue impacts life in our community.
  • Working together, your team develops a project to address the problem.
  • As your team develops the project, you learn all the research, communication, and knowledge from the traditional classroom in a real-world setting.

Get More Than a Grade

  • Build your education by developing solutions to real-world problems and making the world a better place.
  • Develop your communication, writing, research, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.
  • Earn credits for multiple classes in one setting. As an example, Fall 2021 the Project offers Composition I, Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking, Human and Work Relations, and Intro to Ethics. You can take all five, just one, or any other combination of courses in the Comet Project at the same time (all these courses have a 401 section number).
  • Challenge yourself by learning in a new and engaging way.

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