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Video Production Students to Produce Documentaries

By: Dr. Juline Albert, Vice-President of Learning

WITCC Video Production students will be producing documentaries of a transportation archeological survey and preservation project at the Siouxland Historical Railroad Association in Sioux City. The project is funded by grants from the Gilchrist Foundation and the State Historical Association of Iowa. 

The archaeology survey will examine the Milwaukee Railroad Shops field area for remains of construction labor camps that existed from 1916 - 1918. New historical research findings show evidence that two labor camps existed during time of construction. Shovel tests will be conducted to assess the subsurface for cultural artifacts. Archaeologists will take photos of the area, examine historical images, and conduct a reconnaissance survey to become familiar with the environmental, natural and human-altered characteristics of the area.

Students in the Video Production program will be documenting the archeological survey and later producing documentaries of this historical project. Instructional Program Coordinator Chris Mansfield says ”Having students produce this series of videos for a real-world client highlights the experiential learning that we excel at and demonstrates the level of quality that our students produce.”

Video production is slated for completion by the end of the 2021-22 academic year.

Students help break ground on archeological project