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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Revathi Truong, Associate Dean of InclusionDiversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice are calls that challenge us to shift and grow, not only the environments surrounding us, but within us.

As we approach my ninth month in this newly created position and office, I reflect on how this position has been integral in navigating through challenges that have arose from every level; local, state, and national. From the changing climate and discourse on a variety of issues to the spotlighted visibility on attacks against persons of minoritized communities, this office and our campus itself has seen and navigated through the challenges of shifting and growing for the purpose of creating a more welcoming and safe campus community for us all.

We’ve successfully begun navigating these challenges through hosting conversations and platforms for expression from faculty and staff, providing educational resources, addressing situations unfolding throughout our country, and consulting with students and department personnel on challenges they’re facing and how we can do better and be better, together.

As we approach a new beginning of sorts, from the upcoming unveiling of strategic initiatives to ensuring campus continues to be a place that is open for all, I look forward to continuing the efforts that have been started, and collaboratively leading us further in our inclusion initiatives ahead.

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