Western Iowa Tech Community College
Semester Prep

Semester Prep

We are so excited you enrolled at WITCC! New and returning college students have a lot to do to get ready for classes. We've made this helpful list to keep you organized.

Summer classes start May 26.
Fall online classes start August 11.
Fall FLEX/face-to-face start August 14.

Semester Checklist


Your college-issued MyWIT email is the primary way the college will communicate with you. Students enrolled in online classes have two email accounts, both in MyWIT and in Canvas. It is important to check both. Your instructor may communicate with you through Canvas email, but all other departments will send very important information to your MyWIT student email.

  • Go to my.witcc.edu and log into MyWIT.
  • Your email will be located in a card called My Email.
  • Your email address is: firstname.lastname@my.witcc.edu.
  • Your email password: first initial capitalized + last name initial lowercase + eight-digit birthdate + witcc (Flmmddyyywitcc).

Apply for Financial Aid

Complete the Financial Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), your path to thousands of dollars in financial aid to help you pay for college. View our tips for filling out the FAFSA or start your FAFSA application. The process takes 6-8 weeks. You will need WITCC Federal Student Code 004590.

Check Your Financial Aid Status

Once you have completed your FAFSA application, you may be selected for verification. That means additional information is needed in order to process your application. Check your Financial Aid status on MyWIT.

  • Go to my.witcc.edu and log into MyWIT.
  • Go to Finances and select Required Documents. 
  • Follow the instructions for supplying the documents needed.

Pay Your Bill

Pay your tuition bill online, in-person, over the phone, or by mail. Online payments and payment plans can be made on MyWIT in Finances. More information on payment options.

  • Go to my.witcc.edu and log into MyWIT.
  • Go to Finances and select Make Payment or Set Up Payment Plan.

WITCC courses use a combination of physical textbooks/tools and digital materials. Your class schedule on MyWIT tells you what type of book you will need.

Class Schedule

View your class schedule for information on where to get your books.

  • Go to my.witcc.edu and log in to MyWIT.
  • Go to My Course Work and select View My Class Schedule.
  • Enter your student ID or social security number.
  • Select the semester you wish to view.
  • Print or take a screen shot of your schedule.

Where to Get Your Books

Refer to "Comments" section of your schedule for the type of book needed for your class. Digital books will be downloaded on the first day of class through Cengage Unlimited and/or Canvas. Physical books and other class materials can be purchased through the WITCC bookstore.

Cengage, Digital Content, and/or Cengage + Add'l Book Req:
Class uses digital content through Cengage Unlimited or Canvas. You will download these materials on the first day of class. Get ready for downloading digital content by setting up your Cengage Unlimited account in the online orientation.

Cengage + Add'l Book Req, and/or Additional Equip-Tool Req:
A textbook, equipment, or tool needs to be purchased through the WITCC bookstore.

No Textbook Required:
No books required for course.

Extra Software Needed:
Visit the Help Desk to load additional software for your computer.

See Bookstore ASAP - Biology Kit required:
Order kit from the bookstore as soon as possible.

If the comments do not mention any book information check bookstore for required books

Buy/Rent Books

Use your class schedule to look up and purchase your textbooks on the bookstore website.

  • Go to bookstore.witcc.edu.
  • Select Buy Your Books > Please click here to order your textbooks.
  • Select the semester, department and course number found on your schedule.
  • Click on View Materials.
  • Refer to the "Publisher" section:

Cengage or No Text Required:
Class uses digital content through Cengage Unlimited or Canvas. You will download these materials on the first day of class. Even if a cost is listed, you do not need to pay for the book. They are embedded in your online class. Get ready for downloading digital content by setting up your Cengage Unlimited.

If any other publisher is listed, you will need to purchase your textbook.

  • Add book to Cart > Proceed to Checkout.
  • You will need to create an account or log in to your account.

Online orientation is called Exploring the Comet Universe. This class provides important information and helpful tips for a successful school year. It is also where you will create your Cengage Unlimited account. Orientation is a non-credit, non-graded course for which you will not be charged.

  • Log into MyWIT at my.witcc.edu.
  • My Course Work > Canvas > Exploring the Comet Universe > Modules > First Year Student Information

Many of WITCC classes use digital books through Cengage Unlimited. Your subscription to Cengage Unlimited is included in your college fees. You will create your Cengage Unlimited account in online orientation, “Exploring the Comet Universe.” Create your account before classes start. However, digital books will be downloaded on the first day of class.

Returning students need to reactivate their Cengage Unlimited account each semester.

  • First, download the Chrome browser on your laptop in order to use Cengage Unlimited.
  • Log in to MyWIT at my.witcc.edu.
  • My Course Work > Canvas > Exploring the Comet Universe > Modules > Cengage Unlimited Dashboard > Load Cengage Unlimited
  • Follow the directions on creating or reactivating your account. You must use your MyWIT student email.
  • You will receive a Welcome to Cengage email. Select Activate Your Account to complete the registration process. Use the same device as when you created your account.
  • Log into Cengage on the first day of class to download your books.

Need help setting up your account? Stop by the Comet Learning Center at the Sioux City campus, or at the front desk at the Denison and Cherokee campuses for assistance.

Download our free mobile apps from the App Store or Google Play. 


Access your student ID, email, grades, financial aid info, and more. Search for "Western Iowa Tech CC." 

Login Instructions
Domain/user Name
Enter wit + seven-digit student ID number + @witcc
Example: wit0123456@witcc 
Note: Student ID number can be found in your college acceptance letter. 

Default Password
First initial capitalized + last initial lowercase + eight-digit birthdate + witcc
Example: Flmmddyyyywitcc 

Wayfinding App

Navigate campus from your phone. Download the app, select the room number you are looking for, receive step-by-step instructions, and see your navigation in real time on the map. Search for "Western Iowa Tech Wayfinding."

Sioux City: Laptops for new students are available for pick-up in Room A230. Take your laptop to the Comet Learning Center (CLC) located in the library to have your laptop set up and downloaded with the correct programs.
Summer classes pick up starting DATE.
Fall online classes pick up starting DATE.
Spring FLEX courses pick up starting DATE.
Cherokee and Denison: Pick up starting on January 5, by appointment. Contact the front desk.

WITCC photo IDs are no extra charge and can be made in Room A208 in Sioux City. Denison and Cherokee students see the front desk.

We are maintaining our current safety measures to keep our campus healthy from COVID-19. Our traditional face-to-face classes have transitioned to FLEX courses. FLEX courses deliver the maximum amount of course material in-person with some virtual learning. For your safety, masks are required while on campus. For updated information, please visit our COVID-19 resource page.

If you applied for housing, move-in dates have been set for Saturday, August 22 and Sunday August 23 from 8:00am - 5:00pm. In order to reduce the number of students moving in at the same time, individual times and dates have assigned. Check your email for your assigned time.