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A Surgical Technologist (ST) is a healthcare professional who works as part of the surgical team to ensure the operative procedure is completed under optimal conditions. You will work closely with surgeons, anesthesiologists, registered nurses and other key surgical personnel in hospital operating rooms and outpatient surgery centers. STs play a critical role in surgical patient care.

Your primary responsibility as a Surgical Technologist is maintaining the sterile field and being constantly vigilant that all members of the team adhere to proper aseptic techniques that prevent contamination or infection. You must anticipate the needs of the surgeon, pass instruments and provide sterile items in an efficient manner, as well as directly assist by handling tissue, using instruments, and providing wound exposure within the operative field. Surgical Technologists are in demand across the state.

The Surgical Technology program prepares you to function as a member of the surgical team in hospitals and clinics with registered nurses and surgeons in the operating room. The graduate is qualified to prepare the surgical environment and function as a team member during the operative procedures. National certification is available to graduates.

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Career Options

Assist in operations, under the supervision of surgeons, registered nurses, or other surgical personnel. May help set up operating room, prepare and transport patients for surgery, adjust lights and equipment, pass instruments and other supplies to surgeons and surgeon's assistants, hold retractors, cut sutures, and help count sponges, needles, supplies, and instruments.