The Interpretation and Translation Diploma is designed to educate bilingual students to develop their skills and prepare for a career as a professional interpreter and translator. As the Siouxland community becomes more diverse, the need for interpreters and translators continues to grow in health care, social services, education and legal settings. 

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Career Options

The average salary for interpreters is $38,000 (Iowa EMSICC). Typical job duties include:

  • Follow ethical codes that protect the confidentiality of information.
  • Translate messages simultaneously or consecutively into specified languages, orally or by using hand signs, maintaining message content, context, and style as much as possible.
  • Listen to speakers' statements to determine meanings and to prepare translations, using electronic listening systems as necessary.
  • Compile terminology and information to be used in translations, including technical terms such as those for legal or medical material.
  • Refer to reference materials, such as dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, and computerized terminology banks, as needed to ensure translation accuracy.
  • Check translations of technical terms and terminology to ensure that they are accurate and remain consistent throughout translation revisions.
  • Identify and resolve conflicts related to the meanings of words, concepts, practices, or behaviors.
  • Compile information on content and context of information to be translated and on intended audience.