Western Iowa Tech’s International Education Institute exports WITCC education all over the globe and helps recruit, support, and assist International students for study on the WITCC campus. Building an international presence on campus serves foreign students, as well as WIT’s domestic students, and the Siouxland community at large. The Institute builds this international presence by offering customizable group programs like the Global Workforce Training Program, language and vocational camps, in addition to recruiting individual students. Having international students on our campus builds global awareness for our students, and benefits them as they enter an increasingly global marketplace. Our community is given an opportunity for global friendships and perspectives that can benefit them in their business and personal lives. Global Education’s activities support the college’s mission to provide quality education and to economically enhance the communities we serve.

The International Education Institute serves as a liaison between international students and the United States Department of Homeland Security by managing their student visas. The Institute provides academic and administrative support to international students with their academic programs.

The Institute’s Global Workplace Training Program is a unique partnership with the South Korean government, and part of the Korean Ministry of Education’s effort to make the Korean workforce truly global. Students are selected for this nationally competitive program from the 137 colleges in the Korean Council for College Education (KCCE) and are fully funded by the Korean government for four-months of study at one of five worldwide sites. Of the five, Western Iowa Tech is the only one in the United States.

Western Iowa Tech’s participation in this program grew over 1000% over five years. This rapid growth is a testament to extremely high rates of student and faculty satisfaction with WITCC’s program. The vast majority of the students major in nursing, but participating students have also majored in physical therapy, dental assistantship, hospitality, and dental technology.

These students bring an economic impact of about $40,000 per student to the local economy in addition to enhancing the local community through foreign relationships and educational collaboration.

Western Iowa Tech hosted 41 students in this program in 2017. In addition to WITCC, McGill University in Canada; Northern Sydney Institute in Australia; Burton and South Derbyshire College in England; and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics in China hosted students for this program in 2017.