Western Iowa Tech Community College

Housing FAQs

  1. Is the meal plan required for student living in the residence halls?
    Yes, every student living on campus is required to purchase the meal plan. Your student id will be activated with $850 at the beginning of every semester. Each purchase made at the Overlook Cafe, Coffee Spot, or C-Store will be deducted from your balance.
  2. Are there a minimum number of credit hours a student must be enrolled in to live on campus?
    A student must be enrolled in a minimum of 1 credit hour per semester in order to qualify to live on campus. ESL, GED, and those students taking classes through the University of Iowa partnership also qualify to live on campus.
  3. How much does it cost to register and park my vehicle on campus?
    Parking is free! Each resident is allowed one vehicle that must be registered at the time they move in.
  4. Can males and females live together in the same room?
    No. Males and females are routinely placed in the same building, but are not permitted or assigned as roommates in the same apartment or suite.
  5. Are kitchen supplies, bedding, and bathroom items provided?
    No. Each resident is responsible for bringing their own kitchen supplies, bedding, and bathroom items. The mattresses are twin extra long and require oversized sheets. Students will also need to bring their own towels and bathroom items such as toilet paper as those are not provided. Students are allowed to bring microwaves and other approved cooking items (see Student Handbook, page 39 for a list of approved appliances).
  6. Can I pay for my room & board monthly?
    The room & board fees will be charged to the students account at the beginning of each semester along with their tuition and fees. Students have the option to use their financial aid, pay the full amount due, or set up an automatic payment plan. More information regarding the payment plan is available by contacting the Student Accounts Office at extension 1210.
  7. Can I bring my own computer or other electronics?
    Yes. Each residence hall has wireless internet access at no additional cost. You will need an 802.11b or 802.11g wireless card to access the internet from your unit. The community areas also have computers and printers for student use. Other electronics such as TVs, DVD players, gaming systems, etc. are allowed in the unit.
  8. How do I receive mail while living on campus?
    Each student will receive a mailbox assignment while living on campus. Mail is delivered during the week, except during the holidays and break period when mail delivery is limited.
  9. Is there Campus Security?
    Yes! Campus Security is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week 365 days per year. In addition, there are other staff members that live on campus who can assist you.
  10. Can I stay in my room during breaks and holidays?
    If you living in housing during Fall semester and are returning for Spring, you will need to turn in your keys at the end of Fall semester but you won't have to move your things out of your rooms. During regular Spring semester move-in you can pick up your keys. This is generally in the few days prior to the start of classes. If you need to stay in housing over winter break, a weekly rate will be charged for the duration of winter break. Contact us for more information.
  11. Are there advantages to living on campus?
    Not only are the residence halls convenient and affordable, but there are many opportunities for those living on campus to get involved! There are leadership opportunities such as the Resident Assistant program, as well as social activities such as movie nights, pool tournaments, holiday gatherings, and many more! Living on campus, you'll meet life-long friends and have the true college experience.