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Apply for Student Housing

Please complete this form with your $270 combined $20 non-refundable application fee and $250 deposit. Your deposit is refundable with proper check-out.

Student Information

Parent Information

Parent/Guardian address if different than above.

Residence Hall Preference

Bur Oak Suites $3,075.00 per semester
Prairie Place $3,075.00 per semester
Sun Ridge Court - 1 bedroom, 2 occupants $2,775.00 per semester
Sun Ridge Court - 2 bedroom, 4 occupants (2 per room) $2,775.00 per semester
Sun Ridge Court - 2 bedroom, 2 occupants (1 per room) $3,475.00 per semester
Sun Ridge Court - 1 bedroom, 1 occupant $4,450.00 per semester

Rate 1st choice through 3rd choice.
Please note: this is a preference only. We cannot guarantee placement in any particular building.

Learning/Living Communities

We have the option of learning communities in our housing. These communities allow you to live in an area of housing with other community members regardless of other roommate matching criteria. If you are interested in living in one of these communities, view the descriptions and make your choice below.

Nursing LLC - Description

Nursing LLC is for students exploring the profession of nursing, developing a community among other residents and members of nursing. The Nursing LLC allows residents to build social and academic connections with other nursing students. Meeting and living with people who are also pursing a nursing degree helps students build confidence and prepare for applying for the Nursing program. It allows residents to make connections with people they can create study groups with during their prerequisite courses and ultimately their Nursing courses.

The Arts LLC - Description

(Graphic Design, Transfer Majors, Band Instrument Repair, Audio Visual, Etc) - The Arts LLC develops a community among multiple fine arts degrees and interests. This community enhances the ability to learn and be creative along with connecting and building relationships amongst different majors. By joining, you will prosper in a community that connects socially and academically.

Police Science/Criminal Justice LLC - Description

Police Science/Criminal Justice - The Criminal Justice LLC enhances intellectual and personal development for criminal justice students interested in career areas such as Law Enforcement, Forensic Investigation, Probation and Parole, Corrections, Private Security, Loss Prevention, and Juvenile Justice. It allows residents to meet, live, and build with those pursing the same field of study.

Native American LLC - Description

LLC that is dedicated toward Native American, Indigenous, and Alaska Native students and/or those interested in Native American Studies. The community is designed to provide students with a supportive community that centers and affirms Native American/Indigenous perspectives, cultures, and histories. Students will have the opportunity to participate in cultural and traditional workshops focusing on important conversations about cultural preservation, tribal sovereignty, language revitalization, and the betterment of Native nations.

LGBTQIA+ LLC - Description

The LGBTQIA+ LLC is a vibrant living environment where LGBTQIA+ and allied students can find and create an environment of awareness, respect, and advocacy for all sexual orientations and gender identities. Residents of the LGBTQIA+ LLC have the opportunity to provide direction and feedback about activities and programs offered to members of the LLC and housing as a whole with collaboration with their assigned Resident Assistant Advisor.

Global LLC - Description

Global LLC students are passionate about understanding the world in all its diversity, from politics and religion to art, food, and science. Our community includes students from Indiana, the U.S. and around the world, creating a multinational, multicultural, and multilingual environment. Live, gather, learn from one another and build a strong community. Residents in this community are committed to developing and participating in educational and social opportunities that foster and flourish this multicultural environment.

JEDI/Inclusive Excellence LLC - Description

JEDI stands for Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. This LLC welcomes students who are interested in civic engagement, social activism, inclusivity, and learning about how to become an active part of the solutions through community engagement.

Emergency Contacts

Roommate Matching Information

Be sure to provide as much information as possible in order to help us match you with compatible roommates.

While we attempt to match roommates with similar housing characteristics roommate matching is not an exact science. We make attempts to place you with roommates we believe will provide you with a positive experience. Should you have issues with any of your roommates, you are encouraged to speak to your roommates and make agreements to address the issues. If after speaking to your roommates the concerns persist, you are encouraged to speak to an RA or one of the Housing staff.

  I am a smoker (smoking and/or use of tobacco, including chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, advanced personal vaporizers, etc. is not permitted on campus).
  I prefer a roommate who does not use tobacco products.
  I am interested in living with an international student.
  I am interested in living in a LGBT/Ally inclusive apartment.
  I am interested in living in a 24-hour quiet study zone living/learning community.
  It is important for me to live with students within my major, even if we differ in other ways such as cleaning frequency or balance of socializing and studying.

If the student is under the age of 18 years old at the time the agreement is signed, the parent/guardian must sign below.

I, the parent or guardian of the above named student, agree to pay charges due if default is made by said student in the payment of Campus Housing, Comet Bucks, or other related charges. This only applied when the student is under the age of 18 years old.

You will be notified of your room/roommate assignment in July when housing assignments are emailed. Housing assignments will be emailed to your email address and, if possible, to the personal email address indicated on this application.

Building preferences will be used as a guide to place students. There are no guarantees you will receive your preferred building. The Department of Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to change student's room assignments at any time.

Review and Initial These Notices

To help visualize how much a student would be charged for the semester, consult the following table:

If a student cancels/moves out prior to 3 weeks before move-in:
BOS/PP - $0
All SRC - $0
Deposit - Returned

If a student cancels/moves out prior to move-in
BOS/PP - $0
All SRC - $0
Deposit - Not returned

If a student cancels/moves out within first 10 days of term
BOS/PP - $768.75
SRC 1 br, 2 occ - $693.75
SRC 2 br, 4 occ (2 per room) - $693.75
SRC 2 br, 2 occ (1 per room) - $868.75
SRC 1 br, 1 occ - $1,112.50
Deposit - Returned

If a student cancels/moves out within first 30 days of term
BOS/PP - $1,537.50
SRC 1 br, 2 occ - $1,387.50
SRC 2 br, 4 occ (2 per room) - $1,387.50
SRC 2 br, 2 occ (1 per room) - $1,737.50
SRC 1 br, 1 occ - $2,225.00
Deposit - Returned

If a student cancels/moves out after 30 days of term
BOS/PP - $3,075.00
SRC 1 br, 2 occ - $2,775.00
SRC 2 br, 4 occ (2 per room) - $2,775.00
SRC 2 br, 2 occ (1 per room) - $3,475.00
SRC 1 br, 1 occ - $4,450.00
Deposit - Returned

Additional note: Housing Deposits will only be returned to students as long as they complete the proper move-out procedure or as long as the student does not have an outstanding balance on their account.
In order to be eligible for campus housing, you must be registered for at least one credit for the semester you are applying. You will not be assigned campus housing until you are registered for classes for the term which you are applying to move in. Students are required to attend classes while living in campus housing. Extended absences may result in eviction from campus housing.
If a student’s schedule includes staggered classes, please note that the student must maintain a continued class load to remain in housing. For example, if a student have a class that meets the month of February and another class that meets the month of April, then that student is not eligible to live in campus housing during March and must move out. However, if that student has a class that meets the month of February and a class that meets in the month of April, but also has a class that meets continuously throughout the entire semester, then the student is able to remain in housing. If you are seeking short term housing due to staggered classes, please contact the Campus Housing office as you may qualify for a housing rate that is lower than the semester rate.
You will not be permitted to move into you Campus Housing assignment until you have determined how you will pay for Campus Housing and classes. To do this you must do at least one of the following:

1. Pay for your classes and housing in full, prior to move-ins.
2. Set up a F.A.C.T.S. online automated payment plan prior to move-in. A late payment while on a F.A.C.T.S. payment plan may result in eviction from Campus Housing.
3. Have FAFSA completed, submitted to WITCC, and complete all necessary FAFSA steps as requested by the Department of Financial Aid.
This document and those referred to within it constitute Western Iowa Tech Community College’s (“WITCC” or “College”) Campus Housing Occupancy & Dining Agreement (“Agreement”). The services described in the Agreement are offered exclusively under the terms and conditions
stated. To indicate your acceptance of the Agreement:

1. Complete the above Housing Application Form.
2. Submit the $270 combined application fee and occupancy deposit online or contact the Business Office to make payment.

NOTE: $250 of the required fee is a deposit, the deposit will be returned to the payer at the end of the resident’s occupancy period, subject to the conditions in this Agreement, provided the resident has no outstanding balance remaining on their student account. $20 of the required fee for student housing is the application fee and is non-refundable. Your signature on the Housing Application Form indicates that you have read the Agreement, understand it, and agree to all the provisions and conditions included in it. This Agreement becomes binding on the resident when WITCC receives your signed Housing Application Form with the $270 combined application fee and occupancy deposit.
1. To be eligible to live on campus the resident shall, during the term of this Agreement, be enrolled and attending Western Iowa Tech Community College and be a student in good standing. A student living in summer housing must be enrolled in a summer term class.
2. Loss of student status at any time during the Agreement period will result in the termination of this Agreement and eviction from the residence halls within 72 hours of the loss of student status. Loss of student status can occur due to, but is not limited to, the following circumstances:
a. Failure to pay the balance on your student account.
b. Failure to register or remain registered for classes.
c. Reductions in financial aid caused by withdrawing from classes or failing to earn grades required by financial aid conditions.
The term of this Agreement shall be the WITCC academic period as established by WITCC College Calendar. The last day of classes for each term shall be the date so designated by WITCC and that date may be earlier than the date anticipated at the time of the signing of this Agreement. Residents will be subject to additional charges for occupancy during periods of time that are outside an academic term. During winter break students have the option of turning in their keys or paying an additional $250 fee to continue living on campus during the break. The resident understands that other residents will be assigned by WITCC a specific unit and that the resident will not have the sole and exclusive use thereof.
1. The total past and current balance on a student account must be paid prior to a student obtaining keys to a suite or unit. The student account balance can be paid through any combination of financial aid, scholarships, Nelnet online payment plan through MyWIT, or payment in full. Eligibility to live in Campus Housing will be determined by Student Financial Services. Prices listed on this page include an all you choose to eat, 14 meals a week (breakfast on Monday through lunch on Friday) meal plan. The agreed fee to be paid by each student to the College per semester. (Rates as currently charged are subject to change)
2. Failure to pay the occupancy fee or establish a payment plan in a timely manner will result in termination of the occupancy agreement.
3. Financial Aid awards will be applied to the housing fee before any refund will be issued.
4. Failure to pay in advance or establish a payment plan may result in termination of this Agreement. The Nelnet online payment plan through MyWIT requires a down payment, followed with automatic monthly installments directly debited from a bank account or credit card.
5. Special occupancy fees are to be paid in full before the move-in date.
At the time of execution of this Agreement, resident will deposit, with the College, $250 as a Housing Deposit from which the College may withhold such amounts as are reasonably necessary to:

1. remedy the resident’s default for nonpayment of the student account balance;
2. restore the resident’s unit to its condition at the commencement of the occupancy, ordinary wear and tear excepted;
3. recover the expenses incurred in acquiring possession of the unit from the resident in the event that resident does not surrender possession pursuant to the terms of this Agreement;
4. remedy any and all other losses which the College may suffer due to a breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement by the resident.
5. In cases of involuntary termination of this Agreement, the College will retain the Housing Deposit.
6. In cases of extenuating circumstances, the College will determine whether the occupancy deposit will be refunded to the resident.

Subject to the foregoing, the College will return the Housing Deposit to the payor, less any deductions, within (thirty) 30 days of the date of termination of the occupancy. A proper check-out by the resident which includes returning the key bundle, including key to the unit and to the assigned mailbox, any assigned bypass keys, and in the case of Bur Oak Suites and Prairie Place, a fob, is required.
In addition to other remedies available to the College which are provided by law and without prejudice thereto, if occupancy fees are unpaid when due and resident fails to pay the occupancy fee within five (5) days after notice by the College of nonpayment and notice of intent to terminate, then the College may immediately terminate this Agreement at any time thereafter without further notice.
Upon receipt of a written cancellation along with a completed check-out form signed by the resident and a housing staff member, charge reductions will be determined as follows:

First 10 days of receiving keys . . . 75% reduction of housing charge
Day 11 though Day 30 after receiving keys. . . 50% reduction of housing charge
Day 31 after receiving keys through the end of the semester. . . no (0%) reduction of housing charge
No charge reductions will be granted for occupancy periods that take place outside or between an academic term including, but not limited to, winter break.

Student Federal Aid Refund Policy supersedes any refund clause in this Agreement. The term "Housing Charge" includes both housing and cafeteria services.
If resident fails to fully comply in all respects with or breaches any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the College may immediately terminate this Agreement. Prior to termination of this Agreement, the College will serve a written Notice of Termination of Occupancy upon the resident. The Notice will contain a brief explanation of the reason(s) for termination. Within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of the Notice, resident may appeal the termination to the Dean of Students, or designee. The appeal must be made in writing. The designated official will make a decision regarding termination within twenty-four (24) hours following receipt of the resident’s appeal. If the decision of the designated official is to terminate the occupancy of the resident, the resident shall immediately remove herself/himself and all of her/his personal belongings from the unit.

Charges reductions following an involuntarily terminated Occupancy Agreement follow the same guidelines found in provision 6 of this Agreement. If the resident fails to immediately remove herself/himself and all of her/his personal belongings from the unit, the College will immediately remove the resident and her/his belongings by whatever means deemed appropriate. WITCC will store the resident’s belongings for 30 days after termination of the Occupancy Agreement, and then will dispose of the belongings. In addition to termination of occupancy, the College may pursue any other remedies available to it under law, including, but not limited to, injunctive relief and money damages.
This occupancy agreement shall not be effective and binding on the College unless and until accepted by the College.
Residents are encouraged to carefully read the WITCC Student Handbook before signing this Agreement. The Student Handbook is available online. Resident is responsible for understanding and following all of the information provided in the WITCC Student Handbook as there are further regulations and policies not included in this Agreement.
All decisions on room assignments or on the termination of any resident’s Occupancy Agreement shall be made by the College. Units will be assigned on an availability basis according to the date and receipt of the Occupancy & Dining Agreement, receipt of the $270 combined application fee and deposit, and financial approval from Student Financial Services. Room changes or change in occupants shall be made only with the approval of the College. If an occupant of a unit vacates, the remaining occupants will accept another occupant (roommate) as assigned by the College or move into another unit as directed by the College. Campus Housing reserves the right to consolidate rooms and roommates at any time. Units cannot be assigned or sublet at any time. This Occupancy Agreement will be terminated if units or rooms within the unit are sublet by the resident.
Residents will be provided with either a front door key or a keypad code to enter their housing suite/ or apartment. The access code should not be shared with anyone for any purpose. Sharing the access code with anyone who is not assigned to the specified housing unit is a code of conduct violation and may result in $100 fine, mandated room change, and/or possible eviction from Campus Housing. If a student believes that one of their roommates has shared the code with someone else, the student should inform a member of Campus Housing Staff so that the code can be changed.
When a unit or room is permanently vacated, either during the term or at the end of a term, the resident’s keys bundle (and all keys) must be returned to the College, the unit must be thoroughly cleaned, and a proper check-out must be completed. No reduction in charges will be made until this provision has been complied with. Furthermore, residents who fail to check-out of their assigned unit in a proper manner are considered to occupy the unit, will be charged for occupying the unit, and are deemed responsible for all campus policy violations occurring in the unit. All residents are required to check out of their rooms and turn in their key bundle for the duration of winter break. Residents may request housing during the winter break, subject to the approval of Campus Housing, along with required advanced payment of a $250 winter break fee.
The resident shall not damage or permit the premises to be damaged or depreciated in value in any way, ordinary wear and tear is excluded. The driving of objects into the woodwork, walls, ceilings, floors, and doors is prohibited. No tape or hangers with adhesive backing may be used on the walls. Thumb tacks or small “penny” nails can be used for hanging items. Resident agrees College property in common areas and individual units shall not be removed from the area where the property is located. Resident agrees not to modify College property in any manner. Any loss or damage to or malfunction of furniture, appliances, or equipment or any damage to the unit shall be reported to the College. The resident will keep the unit, appliances, furniture, and fixtures as clean as their condition allows at all times.
The College will designate places for garbage and waste materials. Garbage and waste materials must be carried to the appropriate receptacle and disposed of properly. Garbage and waste materials are not to be left in the unit for extended periods of time or left outside of the unit door.
The College shall have the right to inspect the unit for purposes of pest control and health/sanitation inspections, these inspections typically will occur the first Monday of every month in Bur Oak Suites and Prairie Place and the third Monday of the month in Sun Ridge Court, unless otherwise notified. This provision shall be construed as actual and constructive notice for the monthly inspections.
The College shall have the right to enter the unit without notice for the following situations: maintenance being performed, in the event of an emergency, health/sanitation inspections, imminent risk to the safety and/or health of a resident, to carry out routine College business, reasonable suspicion that a College and/or Housing policy is being or has been violated, a warrant being carried out by law enforcement, or if there is sufficient reason to believe that serious breach of this Agreement is occurring or has occurred.
The possession of intoxicants is prohibited in all areas of the College and all areas of the residence halls, including the complex grounds, common areas, and parking lots. Possession of empty alcoholic beverage containers, including cans, bottles, kegs, boxes, etc., is not permitted for any purpose. If this policy is violated, disciplinary action will be administered through the College AND law enforcement, if the violation warrants such action.
In compliance with Iowa state law, WITCC is a smoke-free campus. Smoking cigarettes and use of other tobacco products is NOT PERMITTED in the residence hall rooms, common areas, parking lots, College property, or within 50 feet of the College campus at any time. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.
Possession, distribution, use and/or trafficking of illegal drugs are not allowed in the residence hall rooms, common areas, or premises. Any controlled substance or agent having the potential for abuse and/or possessing paraphernalia for drug use is also prohibited. More information regarding WITCC drug policies are located in the Student Handbook, including the Student Code of Conduct.
All firearms, explosives, fireworks, and/or other items capable of inflicting injury and/or harm to others and/or self under Iowa or Federal Law are not permitted on College and Student Housing property for any reason. Disciplinary action and/or termination of this Agreement may result if this policy is violated.
Pets, with the exception of fish in a tank not exceeding five gallons, are prohibited. Pets and/or animals found in the unit may be cause for disciplinary action. Service animals, as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act, belonging to disabled residents are exempt from this policy. The “Student Services” section of the Student Handbook contains important information regarding assistance animals, emotional support animals, or companion animals in campus housing.
Adequate parking is made available for all the residents living on campus. Only one vehicle is allowed per resident. Vehicles must be parked according to College regulations. Parking in suite/apartment parking lots overnight requires a housing-specific parking permit. All vehicles must be registered with Campus Housing. Motorcycles, mopeds, and motorized scooters are to be parked in the parking lot and are not to be taken into the units or in areas surrounding the units for any reason at any time. Automobile and/or motorcycle parts are not to be in the units unless they are in closed packages.
Overnight non-resident guests are only permitted on weekends, Friday night to Saturday morning and Saturday night to Sunday morning. Guests present on College property between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM are considered “overnight guests” for the purpose of this policy.

Overnight guests (and their vehicle) must be registered with the Department of Campus Housing. The resident must, prior to having an overnight guest on campus, send an email to the Housing
Manager or Supervisor detailing the complete name of the overnight guest and any vehicle belonging to the guest. In addition, all roommates must send an email granting permission for a guest to stay overnight. All messages must be received no later and 6:00 p.m. the night of the planned stay.

The resident is responsible for his/her guest(s) at all times and shall be responsible for any damages to the premises or policy violations caused by that resident’s guest(s). All guests must be escorted by the resident they are visiting at all times. Guests are not to be left in suites, apartments or bedrooms unaccompanied.

Overnight non-resident guests found lacking proper registration credentials will be removed from college property and may be issued a warning not to trespass. Individual found in violation of trespassing will be subject to sanctions determined at the discretion of local police authorities.

Residents may have other residents stay overnight on weekends, provided all roommates agree and sign an authorization form. Roommate permission regarding the presence of an overnight guest may be revoked at any time by a roommate.
The resident and any guest(s) of the resident will conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb other residents' peaceful enjoyment of their living environments. As such, Courtesy Hours are to be in effect twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Mandatory Quiet Hours are in effect all week, 10:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.
Utilities, and WiFi internet service will be included in the occupancy fee. Utilities supplied to each occupant will include electric and water. The cost of normal utility usage is included as part of the occupancy fee based on full occupancy and the design of the unit. Campus Housing reserves the right to assess additional utility charges to the resident’s account if excessive usage is determined.
Wherever possible, each provision of this Occupancy Agreement shall be interpreted in such a manner as to be effective and valid under applicable law, but if any provision of this Occupancy Agreement shall be prohibited by or be invalid under applicable law, such provision shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition or invalidity, without invalidating the remainder of such provision or the remaining provisions of this Occupancy Agreement. Words and phrases herein shall be construed in the single or plural number, and as masculine, feminine, or neutral gender, according to the context.
Any notice, except as otherwise herein provided, for which provision is made in this Occupancy Agreement, shall be in writing, and may be given by either party to another, in addition to and in any manner provided by law, in any of the following ways, email, by personal delivery; by service in the manner provided by law for the service of original notice; or by sending said notice by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, to the last-known address.

For the purposes hereof, all notices to the College shall go to:
Western Iowa Tech Community College
Department of Housing & Residence Life
P.O. Box 5199
Sioux City, IA 51102-5199

Pay your application fee and deposit online here, or call us or stop in to make payment. Your application is not considered complete until the application fee and deposit are paid in full. You can also make payment after submitting the application.