Western Iowa Tech Community College
Housing Application

Housing Application

Cancellation and Early Move-Out Information
Class Registration and Attendance Requirement
Note About Staggered Classes (Month-Long Classes)
Campus Housing Payment Information
Term of Occupancy
Room and Board Fees
Housing Deposit
Nonpayment of Occupancy Fee
Housing Cancellation Charge Reductions
Termination of Occupancy Agreement
Effective Date
WITCC Student Handbook
Room Assignment and Consolidation
Access Codes
Checkout Procedure
Damage to College Property
Garbage and Waste Disposal
Room Inspections
Room Entry - No Notice Required
Alcohol Use and Possession Prohibited
Tobacco Use Prohibited
Illegal Drugs Prohibited
Weapons Prohibited
Pet Policy
Parking and Vehicle Registration
Guest Policy and Guest Registration
Courtesy and Mandatory Quiet Hours
Services Provided by the College
Terms of Use and Construction
Notice Requirements