Apply for Housing

WITCC Campus Housing Occupancy & Dining Application Form

Please complete this form with your $270 combined $20 non-refundable application fee and $250 deposit. Your deposit is refundable with proper check-out.

Please indicate the semester you will be moving into Campus Housing: Fall Spring Summer Year

Parent/Guardian address if different than above.

Residence Hall Preference

Rate 1st choice through 3rd choice.
Please note: this is your preference only. We cannot guarantee placement in any particular building.

Four Bedroom (private bedroom, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one shared kitchen in dormitory) $2975 per semester.

Four Bedroom (private bedroom, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two shared kitchens in dormitory) $2975 per semester.

Private bedroom, two bedrooms, one bathroom, full kitchen in each unit) $3375 per semester.

All options include a 14 meal/week plan Monday through Friday.

Private Bedrooms are the standard for Sun Ridge Court apartments. Students have the option to request a shared Sun Ridge Court bedroom at a rate of $2675 for each each semester for each student (price includes room and cafeteria services open Monday through Friday). The request will only be granted if the student specifically requests a shared bedroom and identifies a roommate that they are requesting to share the bedroom with. The requested roommate and the preference to share a bedroom should be indicated in the Roommate Matching Information section on the next page.

If a student is assigned a shared bedroom and their roommate either moves out early or does not move, in then the student will be charged the private bedroom rate of $3375. The shared bedroom rate is only available to students actively sharing the bedroom.

Additional housing options and roommate configurations are available, see the Occupancy & Dining Agreement for more information and contact housing directly if you are interested in learning more.

Emergency Contact

Roommate Matching Information

Be sure to provide as much information as possible in order to help us match you with compatible roommates.

While we attempt to match roommates with similar housing characteristics roommate matching is not an exact science. We make attempts to place you with roommates we believe will provide you with a positive experience. Should you have issues with any of your roommates, you are encouraged to speak to your roommates and make agreements to address the issues. If after speaking to your roommates the concerns persist, you are encouraged to speak to an RA or one of the Housing staff.

every day.
every couple of days.
once a week.
once a month, prior to room inspection.

almost exclusively calm and quiet, with very few instances of loud and active.
mostly calm and quiet, with occasional instances of loud and active.
a balance of calm and quiet with loud and active.
mostly loud and active with occasional instances of calm and quiet.
almost exclusively loud and active with few instances of calm and quiet.

I am a smoker (smoking and/or use of tobacco, including chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, advanced personal vaporizers, etc. is not permitted on campus).
I prefer a rommate who does not use tobacco products.
I am interested in living with an international student.
I am interested in living in a LGBT/Ally inclusive apartment.
I am interested in living in a 24-hour quiet study zone living/learning community.
It is important for me to live with students within my major, even if we differ in other ways such as cleaning frequency or balance of socializing and studying.

Cancellation and Early Move-Out Information

To help visualize how much a student would be charged for the semester, consult the following chart:

If a student cancels/moves out prior to:

Charge for BOS/PP/SRC Shared

Charge for SRC Private


3 weeks before move-in




Prior to move-in



Not Returned

Within First 10 days of Term



Not Returned

Within First 30 days of Term



Not Returned

After 30th days of Term




If you choose to cancel your housing request prior to moving in, you must do so in writing (email is accepted). If, after moving into Campus Housing, you decide to move out of housing, you must officially check out with a member of Campus Housing Staff. If you do not officially check out with a member of Campus Housing Staff, you will continue to be charged as per the chart above.

Class Registration and Attendance Requirement

In order to be eligible for campus housing, you must be registered for at least one credit for throughout the semester for which you are applying. You will not be assigned campus housing until you are registered for classes for the term which you are applying to move in. Students are required to attend classes while living in campus housing. Extended absenses may result in eviction from campus housing.

Comet Bucks Declining Balance Food Service Account

Every semester a student chooses to live in Campus Housing they will be charged an amount to be applied to a declining balance supplemental spending plan for WITCC Food Service. This is not intended to be a comprehensive meal plan and it will likely not cover all of the student's food needs. These funds can be used at any of the ... this needs updated.

Note About Staggered Classes (Month Long Classes)

If a student's schedule includes staggered classes, please note the student must maintain a continued class load to remain in housing. For example, if a student has a class meeting the month of February and another class meeting the month of April, the student is not eligible to live in campus housing during March and must move out. However, if the student has a class meeting in February and a class meeting in April, but also has a class continuously throughout the entire semester, the student is able to remain in housing. If you are seeking short-term housing due to staggered classes, please contact the Campus Housing office as you may qualify for a housing rate lower than the semester rate.

Campus Housing Payment Information

You will not be permitted to move into your Campus Housing assignment until you have determined how you will pay for Campus Housing and classes. To do this you must do at least one of the following:

  1. Be paid in full for your classes and housing prior to move-ins.
  2. Have set up a F.A.C.T.S. tuition payment plan prior to move-in. A late payment while on a F.A.C.T.S. payment plan may result in eviction from Campus Housing.
  3. Have FAFSA completed, submitted to WITCC, and complete all necessary FAFSA steps as requested by the Department of Financial Aid.

Housing Application Payment Information

The application fee ($20) must be received before your application is processed. Use the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of this form to pay online or mail a check or money order payable to WITCC and send to:

WITCC Campus Housing
4647 Stone Avenue, PO Box 5199
Sioux City, Iowa 51102-5199

Final Note

Please note your application is not considered complete until the form is submitted and the $20 application fee has been submitted.

Housing assignments will not be made until you have registered for classes for the semester for which you are requesting Campus Housing, as explained in the Class Registration and Attendance Requirement section.

You will not be permitted to move into Campus Housing until you have determined how you will pay for Campus Housing and classes, as exxplained in the Campus Housing Payment Information section.

Occupancy & Dining Agreement

I certify I have read the terms and conditions of the Occupancy and Dining Agreement, understand it, and agree to all the provisions and conditions included in it. I further acknowledge the Western Iowa Tech Community College Student Handbook is also part of the Agreement, and upon receiving access to the Student Hanbook online, I will retain it as a part of the Agreement. I also certify the representations made on this form are true and correct. Upon acceptance by the Western Iowa Tech Community College Department of Housing & Residence Life, this Agreement is binding upon me unless otherwise cancelled per the stipulations of the Agreement. An inability to accommodate my requests or preferences does not void the Agreement.

If the student is under the age of 18 years old at the time the agreement is signed, the parent/guardian must sign below.

I, the parent or guardian of the above named student, agree to pay charges due if default is made by said student in the payment of Campus Housing, Comet Bucks, or other related charges. This only applied when the student is under the age of 18 years old.

You will be notified of your room/roommate assignment in July when housing assignments are emailed. Housing assignments will be emailed to your email address and, if possible, to the email address on this application.

Building preferences willbe used as a guide to place students. There are no guarantees you will receive your preferred building. The Department of Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to change student's room assignments at any time.

Campus Safety

Western Iowa Tech takes the safety and protection of our students and staff very seriously. Our Campus Safety & Security team is on site 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With emergency phones and a multitude of security cameras throughout housing, parking lots, the student center and each building, we are able to keep an eye on the entire campus and respond quickly.

Title IX / Violence Against Women's Act (VAWA)

Title IX covers a great deal regarding gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and other gender- related crimes. WITCC makes a commitment for ALL students and staff, male or female, to provide the same protection and security regardless of who you are. If you need to talk to someone, whether it be how to take precautions, how to defend yourself, or how to report an incident, the contact names and numbers can be found at /security/title-ix-violence-against-womens-act/title-ix-resources/.