Whether you plan to start your career in two years or transfer to a four-year college, Western Iowa Tech offers a quality, affordable education. Although the cost of a WITCC education is affordable by many standards, it is still a substantial amount of money for anyone.

The good news is that financial help is readily available. A large number of scholarships and grants exist which are open to a wide range of students. In addition, there are substantial federal and state financial aid programs for which you can apply. Private student loans (also called alternative loans) are offered by outside lenders and should only be used after all Federal grants and loans have been used. WITCC does not offer a preferred lender list and it is the student's responsibility to find a lender of their choice. WITCC does not recommend private loans when federal aid options are available.

WITCC wants to make your education rewarding and affordable by helping you in any way possible. It is up to you to "get the ball rolling" and important that you talk to one of our financial aid advisors early in the process for their guidance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Information Published by Department of Education