The Dr. Robert E. Dunker Student Center is our a top-of-the-line gym open to WITCC students. There is no charge for students to use the facility or its amenities.

  • Full-size gymnasium to play basketball or volleyball 
  • Weight room  
  • Fitness equipment
  • Fitness classes (see below)
  • Indoor walking/running track  
  • Lounge area with video games  
  • Sauna and showers

A Comet Pass gives employees access to any of the fitness or activities listed below. The Comet Pass is $25 per semester and can be purchased at the Cashier in Enrollment Services. Students can attend these classes for free.

30/30 (30 minutes cardiovascular and 30 minutes Body Toning) 
Instructor: Teresa Mohwinkle 
Tuesday and Thursday 12:30pm
Varying, challenging cardiovascular workouts designed to spike your heart rate and burn calories. These workouts are different from week to week and performed on different pieces of equipment. With an elevated heart rate 30 minutes of intense body toning will follow.

Body Sculpting
Instructor: Teresa Mohwinkle 
Wednesday 4:15pm
Body sculpting is the perfect all-around workout if you are looking to strengthen and tone muscle and can be performed completing low impact. Your will use body bars, exercise balls, dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own body weight to effectively strength all the major muscle groups. This class is designed to provide you with a total body workout and is excellent for all levels. 

Jiu Jitsu
Instructor: John DeVall
Wednesday 11am
This is self-defense-based class with focus upon with controlling and manipulating others. Drop into this class and see if it’s for you. This is not intended to be a drop-in class; the instruction builds over the weeks but of course you can miss a class here and there. 

Personal Protection
Instructor: John Potash
Wednesday 2:30pm
Personal Protection Class is meant to prepare you to survive a violent encounter. The most critical five seconds of your life is at the beginning of a violent encounter. 

Instructor: Teresa Mohwinkle
Monday 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Spinning is an intense, non-impact, challenging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels. Experience a full ride of hills, sprints, and endurance intervals with energizing music! Spinning will enhance your speed, strength and stamina improve your overall physical health and increase your caloric burn! During your cycling workout you can burn between 400-700 calories, which is tough to beat. Don’t forget your water or a sweat towel for this class, you will need it!

Super Circuits (HIIT)
Instructor: Teresa Mohwinkle 
Friday 10am
Looking for a challenging workout? HIIT is where it’s at! This routine includes intervals of high intensity exercises. Because this training elevates your heart rate and pushes you to do intense exercise intervals, the HIIT workout can provide many advantages such as aerobic, anaerobic, muscular endurance, and fat burning like never before. Come join the fun! 

Instructor: John Potash
Tuesday 2pm and 3pm
This class will teach you the traditional martial art of Korea.

Yoga - Gentle yoga
Instructor: Rhonda Briggs
Tuesday and Thursday 5:30pm
To participate in this gentle yoga class, you need your own yoga mat and comfy clothes. No need for fancy yoga clothes and you don’t need to be flexible to take this class. This is yoga for everybody and every body!