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WITCC Students Participate in World College Radio Day

By: Western Iowa Tech Marketing

Western Iowa Tech Community College’s Mass Communication students will participate in the 11th annual World College Radio Day on Friday, October 1st. Starting at 12:01am, WITCC students will join hundreds of other radio stations around the world and run Comet Radio, the College’s streaming radio station, for 24 straight hours. 

College Radio Day will include a line-up of a variety of music and special programming. Programming includes an interview with the band Oceanography about their debut album, "Thirteen Songs About Driving Nowhere in Alphabetical Order”. The program will also include the annual College Radio Day simulcast. This year’s simulcast theme focuses on global efforts made by college radio stations around the world to find inventive ways to maintain broadcasting during the pandemic. 

The aim of College Radio Day is to raise a greater awareness of college and high school radio stations that operate around the world by encouraging people who would not normally listen to college radio to do so on this day. It is hoped that those people who do tune in like what they hear and become regular listeners. The organizers of College Radio Day believe that college radio is one of the last remaining bastions of creative radio programming, free from the constrictions of having to be commercially viable, and a place where those involved in its programming believe passionately in its mission. 
For more information, contact Program Advisor Chris Mansfield at 712.317.3298 or chris.mansfield@witcc.edu. 

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